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Curricular Initiatives - Page Updates Coming Soon
Professional and Technical Writing Minor, University of New Haven (August 2015 - present)
I recently developed a professional and technical writing minor that has improved the department's minor enrollment.
Developmental Writing Course Pilot, Pima Community College (August 2012-May 2014)
I worked with seven instructors at Pima Community College to implement a grant-supported Developmental Writing course. Pima has a two-semester sequence for first-year writing, and this course is designed to move students who assessed below the requirements for the first-semester sequence successfully into the second semester of the sequence. We have instituted an additional studio component so students receive more one-on-one time with instructors, and we instructors met once a week to design common assignments, participate in grade norming, and shape the course.
Graduate Teacher Training Curriculum Redesign, University of Arizona (September 2011-May 2013)
I worked with three other University of Arizona teaching assistants to research the University of Arizona’s teacher training program (preceptorship) by conducting surveys of students who have gone through the program and by researching other universities’ graduate teacher training programs. We were invited to speak to the faculty supervisors who teach preceptorship, and many of the suggested changes are in the process of being implemented into the revised curriculum.

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