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Honors & Awards (Teaching)


Julia Christakis DeFazio Excellence in Teaching Award (2012). University of Arizona. $2,500. 


-I was nominated for this award based on my English 102 curriculum, which included a cross-course collaborative peer review design, culminating in an event I organized called the Why We Write Collaborative. This event, for which I secured grant funding, involved awards for best peer reviewers and student readings of their creative essays.

Johnnie Raye Harper Teaching Award, Nominee (2011). University of Arizona.


-This award is given for outstanding teaching by a first-year teacher in the writing program who has not previously taught at the college level. Evaluation is based on faculty supervisor nomination and students' course evaluations.

IKON Faculty-Student Interaction Grant (2011). University of Arizona. $455.
-I was awarded this grant to help fund a collaborative event I organized for my students, which included an awards ceremony and essay readings. Funding went towards room reservations and technology, gift card awards for students, and food.



Writing Program Funds to Foster Collaboration Grant (2011). University of Arizona. $200.


-This funding also went to the Why We Write Collaborative Event that I organized for my English 102 students.

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